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Brow Mad

Lamination . Tint . Waxing 



Lamination is a two step perming solution that involves correcting the brow shape by setting the hairs in place using a chemical solution. Don't panic, you still have full control on how you would like to shape your brows. Having them laminated makes them more pliable, meaning you have more flexibility to style them.

Tint & Wax

Hybrid tinting is a process of mixing multiple colours to achieve the perfect shade for your brow. Hybrid tint can stain the skin, meaning your tint can last longer. However, during the consultation we discuss what results you want to receive and can decide on the level of stain. 

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Tint & Tutorial

Having 8+ years of experience as a Celebrity Make up Artist, I can give you advise with my expertise to show you how to fill in your brows so you can feel confident styling your brows at home. 

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